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My name is Carol, I am Scottish and currently living in The Netherlands. I am mum to one lively little boy who is a ray of sunshine. I dabble in photography, illustration and graphic design and I love sourcing home decor ideas, devouring lifestyle magazines and fluffing up my nest! I quickly realised I needed an outlet for these passions and it's impolite not to share, right?

Clover Yard is a small street (more of a cul-de-sac really) in a fishing village on the East Coast of Scotland. It was where my Great, Great Auntie lived. She was very good with her hands, an expert knitter and crocheter. Her house was always filled with interesting things - buttons in jars, colourful wool and thread and I think this is where I got my magpie instincts from. I wanted to honour her and her generation in my blog title.

I hope to inspire readers with my creative finds and blow the dust off some of my own projects. I don't promise perfection but I do promise colour, and lots of it!


Photography, Illustration, Ceramics, Interior Decoration, Children's Literature, Seasons, Vintage Style, Mid-Century Design, Flowers, Colour, Web Design